Review: Collegiate ComFitec Training Bridle

I purchased the Collegiate ComFiTec training bridle for my youngster just over a year ago after seeing it advertised on the collegiate saddlery website. I had heard positive things about the bridles so figured it would be worth a try and I LOVE it!

Despite its unique and stylish appearance, the ComFiTec bridle is made from top quality European leather which is super soft and easy to maintain. I am really happy with the bridle after using it for just over a year and not seeing any noticeable signs of wear (it doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should) and it’s still looking as good as new.

My favourite feature on the ComFiTec training bridle is the double padded anatomically shaped headpiece, which provides extra comfort through distributing even pressure across the poll.

After riding in a standard cavesson bridle and changing to the ComfiTec training bridle, I noticed a huge difference in my horse and how instantly relaxed she felt (I knew it was a match!).

The style is perfectly suited to sensitive horses and the padded cheek rings are a bonus!

Being FEI, BE and BD approved is great for horses that are out competing regularly because there is no worry about changing bridles for competition.

Compared to other brands similar designs, the Collegiate ComFiTec bridle is extremely good value for money priced at £99.99, it looks the part, is made from top quality leather and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket!

I have been quizzed on the Collegiate ComFiTec bridle by friends and other riders that have noticed me using it, and I only have good words to say and will always recommend it for any type of horse.

My other horse is soon to be treated to one too!