Review: Collegiate ComFiTec Bridle by Fiona Davidson

Fiona Davidson Collegiate ComFiTec Bridle Review

The ComFiTec Bridles have an incredibly padded, broad head stall, so there is virtually no pressure over the poll! It has a generous curved browband, so, again, there will be no pressure pulling the bridle into the base of the ears. The noseband is a unique mixture of a drop crossed with a grackle noseband and I find this improves horses in two spectrums. The horses that are very soft and almost chatty on the contact seem to be much less busy. They take a bit more consistent weight through the reins.

From the other spectrum, its very good on the stronger horses that open their mouths or lean through the bridle. It means you can use a little less bit and arrive with a horse that is more compliant down the rein.