Product Review: Collegiate Memory Foam Girth

There is nothing I enjoy more in my day to day work than helping someone overcome a problem, so when Nikki got in touch to ask for advice on a girth for her sensitive thoroughbred eventer I was more than happy to recommend the Collegiate Memory Foam girth.

A neoprene girth filled with memory foam and shaped around the elbows, it has been specifically designed with sensitive horses in mind. The softness coupled with the elasticated sides allows the girth to adapt to the shape of the horse whilst allowing him to move freely. Nikki has been specifically working on helping her horse engage his core more when working, and a well fitting comfortable girth is instrumental in encouraging horses to work properly.

Studies done by Rachel Murray (PhD), a researcher at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, has shown that a change in girth can have a significant impact on both forelimb and hindlimb protraction, as well as on knee and hock flexion. We often think a lot about the fit of our saddles, but we should also play close attention to our girths too, they make a significant difference to our horses’ performance.

After a few weeks I caught up with Nikki to find out how she was getting on with her new girth, and this is what she had to say.

“Love my Collegiate Memory Foam girth, it’s perfect for sensitive horses. I’ve noticed my boy doesn’t sweat up in it as much as his old girth and I am no longer needing to use a sheepskin sleeve. It has certainly proven perfect for my sensitive Thoroughbred”.