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  1. Blazing Saddle Sale

    Blazing Saddle Sale

    Collegiate Blazing Saddle Sale! 

    June 2020 sees the arrival of our biggest ever saddle sale! With all 8 of our Colleg... (Read more)

  2. A message to our Shoppers

    A message to our Shoppers

    31st March: Message to our online shoppers across North America & EMEA

    ... (Read more)
  3. Collegiate Saddlery Gift Guide

    Collegiate Saddlery Gift Guide

    Here at Collegiate Saddlery, we would like to help you find the perfect gift for a loved one. Looking for some inspiration, but don’t kno... (Read more)

  4. Bridle Fitting 101

    Bridle Fitting 101

    Bridle fitting isn’t something we often think too hard about. Often our criteria for bridles is, “does it go on the horse’s head?” and “i... (Read more)

  5. Selecting the Correct Gullet for Your Horse

    Selecting the Correct Gullet for Your Horse

    The secret to success with your new Collegiate saddle is making sure it fits your horse well. The foundation for ensuring a proper fitting saddle..... (Read more)

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